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Twilight Series

Series: The Twilight Series
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers

Series Premise: A young girl moves to Forks, WA where she meets a family of vampires and falls in love with one of them, despite the danger it presents.

Main Recurring Characters: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Charlie Swan, members of the Cullen family: Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper.

Bad Guys: Vampires who still gain their sustenance from human blood

Number of books in series to date: 4
Twilight, October, 2005 - review
(re-released in paperback September, 2006)
New Moon, August, 2006 - review
Eclipse, August 7, 2007 - review
Breaking Dawn, August, 2008

Next release: Series is finished for the moment, although there is the possibility that Meyer may publish books that are set in the Twilight universe or that tell Bella and Edward's story through different points of view.

Number of books planned: 4
"I have no intention of quitting at three. Firstly, Bella and Edward would never forgive me. Secondly, the next two books would have to be 1000+ pages apiece to get the story to any place that felt like a true resolution. Thirdly, there are other stories to tell here, and, though the narrator might change, the story will continue. I just have way to much fun living in Forks (in my head) to stop anytime soon."...from Stephenie Meyer

Series Appeals to:
Those who like star-crossed lover stories
Those who like vampire stories
Those who like coming of age stories
Those who enjoy young adult characters*
Hardcore Twilight Fans

Level of Violence: Mild, although threat of more extreme violence is present With Breaking Dawn, the level of graphic violence portrayed went through the roof. Not because of any mischief on the part of the vampires but because of the horrific way childbirth is portrayed.

Level of Sex: Sweet - kisses, behind-closed-doors consummation of marriage

Series strengths: Bella as a character and narrator is very appealing and sympathetic, Bella begins as a very appealing and sympathetic character. Edward Cullen is an extremely worthy hero Edward began the story as an extremely worthy hero. The vampire mythology is unique, the pace moves nicely, the love story is extremely well written and the emotions experienced by Bella are almost palpable.**

*Despite its status as a Young Adult novel and the teen-aged narrator, this series easily crosses into adult fiction and can be enjoyed by those out of their teen years.

**After the release of Breaking Dawn, my original assessment of the series changed drastically. While the first book, Twilight stands alone as an excellent installment with the strengths listed above, the series as a whole has very few strengths. Unfortunately.

Series weaknesses: Second title causes some frustration based on the lengthy separation of the hero and heroine. Third title destroys Bella as a likable character and turns hero Edward into a milksap. The addition of a forced love-triangle rings hollow and creates unnecessary drama while diminishing the original love story. Fourth and final story...don't even have the words.

(This is an excellent website, with an absolutely fascinating story about the unlikely road to publication Stephenie Meyer traveled. It also contains many behind-the-scenes extras as well as links to interviews and fan sites where even more information can be found. An excellent example of an author's website tying into her novels.)


Pam said...

I was beginning to think I was the only one in the "Twilight Series" universe who found Bella's character increasingly unappealing.
It's unfathomable that the either the noble Edward or earnest Jacob would long sustain any interest in this moody, obsessive, self-centered girl. They both deserve better.

Anonymous said...

edward rocks. no matter what.

Anonymous said...

This book is crushing. Stephanie Meyer was allowed to publish a poorly written and amaturely imagined story, marketed to teenage girls that tells them that the only thing they could ever need from this life or the next is to be hopelessly pathetically devoted to thier first love. Edward is the flattest character I've ever read, and I don't see why every girl on the internet wants him to become her boyfriend so that he can threaten her with imminent violence while patronizing her. I kept waiting for a "I only hit you because I love you" to pop up in the trite dialogue. This book is only slightly less disgusting than it's popularity.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you people exist. I was beginning to think I was crazy, too. I did read the book quickly, and wanted to love it but Bella's character was just too upsetting and, well, let's just say it: Mormon. Her life ambition seems to be to become a wife. She is so overly dependent on Edward and willing to throw away her humanity in a second to be with him. And did anyone find the constant descriptions of her being "cradled" on Edward's lap a little weird? Nothing like making the femaile character into a dependent child.

Anonymous said...

I am still in denial of the existence of Breaking Dawn. Pure trash. Stephanie Meyer must have dranked diseased blood while writing it. Twilight was good; Strong connection between Edward and Bella minus overly used description of Edward as being "gorgeous, unreal, god-like." Stephanie should've ended with Twilight which would left her with dignity and respect as a writer; Meyer slipped when she introduced Jacob Black. His character not only overwhelmed Edward Cullen's love, well I would say OCD, for Bella, but created a dilemma in her plot. Sappy vampire left because "he loved her." Then went back to introduce Edward at the end of New Moon. Much better story if Jacob Black ended up with Bella Swan. Edward's mysterious, sexy, and attracting character went bland due to Jacob Black's sweeping save of Bella Swan in new moon. Then Meyer continue on to create a fickle character out of Bella. One minute she's enjoying the shirtless Jacob and his warm chest, then goes on wanting to bed Edward a few pages later. Take my advice and do not read Breaking Dawn if you are a Jacob Black fan or anything after Twilight if you are an Edward Cullen fan. Stephanie Meyer let down all of her fans; the only way she can redeem herself is by writing an alternative choice for Bella by not marrying Edward Cullen and spawning a demon baby that will soon date her mom's second love interest.

Elise said...

I loved it all, Breaking Dawn was an AMAZING book. It was a wonderful end to bella's story.
And I don't think Bella is selfish- one of the reasons edward loves her is beacuse she is SELFLESS besides she's human she's gonna be selfish it's in our nature-you are most likly too. But remember before you bash me- everybody has a right to their own opinon.

Anonymous said...

these books are great but I hate how edward had to leave bella and than jacob casually slips in and saves the day its like come on and then she's in love with both of them....i just say DRAMA cause its a petty little love triangle! But I like edward and bella they are cute together....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok Edward is the best book character I have ever ever read. Bella is ok but Seth is awesome

Lee Child

Anonymous said...

I love this series

Lee Child of Clan 123

Anonymous said...

I Understand everyone has their opinions, but i feel sorry for those who can not feel the connection between Edward and Bella. I'm not one for sappy love stories, but this book caught my heart. All of them actually. These books were very well written. When Bella Hurt, I hurt. I could feel it too. Also, I enjoyed the humor in the books. Very subtle, but funny. I Loved these books.

Anonymous said...

these books ROCK!!!!! no matter what!!!!!! they is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I was really optimistic when I picked up Twilight, after it was recommended to me. I was thrown into one boring world. I thought Twilight could have been so much better than it was. But if your into the whole love thing I guess it's okay. I mean compared to the vampire novels I read it didn't live up to my expectations. But then again that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who say that it is sad if you cann't feel the connection between Bella and Edward.... it seems as though negative reviews are just looking for any reason to bash the novel. I've read hundreds of books and this is quite possibly the hardest of those for me to have put down. Bella is certainly not self-indulged... although after visiting Stephenie Meyer's page and reading her own commentary, it is her I believe to be self admiring... one can only hope the movie comes close to delivering the love story to audiences as the book does.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is the best series I've EVER read! I'm still waiting for Midnight Sun to be published. It would be SO awsome to read Twilight through Edward's eyes!

Charlotte said...

Well, I agree, i thought Bella was a little selfish, myself, and at one point, i absolutely hated her. BUt then again, i do feel th conncection between her and Edward. Nobody has said anything about Emmet and Alice. THey are my fav Cullen famailies, aside Bella and Edward. I hate Jacob. How could he imprint on a BABY!!! That's just wrong.

Shannon said...

I don't like vampire movies, I am not big into romance novels (smut novels as I call them) BUT these books have changed that for me! I am not the likely "cult" reader. =) I am 32, mother of three..I have read A LOT of books, but none have ever captivated me like the Twilight saga! I do not understand how anyone who reads these could NOT connect with the character, Stephenie Meyer's puts so much emotion into her writing..I felt like I was actually there. Some of the BEST books I have ever read!!!

C said...

Trite trite trite trite trite.

Bella's character is not a well-written one. Her views aren't realistic i.e. her want to turn into a vampire. There's no fight in her.

at least that's just ONE of my MANY complaints about the series.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I hated the first book...and thus it will be the only book in this series that I'll be seeing. It read like it was teenage fan-fic and the first 3/4 of it almost put me to sleep. It's amazing how anyone could have liked this book; to me it was utter slop. Young readers should be setting their eyes on better reads than this. All in all, don't waste your time or money...there's better out there.

Anonymous said...

Okay first off, I did love the books. I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed with how much time Stephenie Meyer spent describing the boring parts in New Moon. I know it was essential to the whole story but seriously! How boring can you get? We get it, she loves him and she misses him but you don't have to say that she has a hole in her stomach in every fricken paragraph. Anyways, back to the point. I did love all of the books, including Breaking Dawn, but I am not one of those unrealistic people who go around saying that I am going to marry Edward or Emmett or Jacob Black. They are fictional, get over it. End of story, done. It is a book, people! If you don't like it, that's fine, nobody cares. If you do, awesome, have fun with that. Just don't go around bashing it and saying that you hate people who like the book. And don't go around saying that you are going to marry Edward Cullen. It just isn't possible! Just accept that not everyone shares the same opinion as you and move on with your life. OH, and if you say that you don't care, you obviously do or you wouldn't be wasting your time blogging and reviewing about some book that you dislike. Am I right? Yes, I am. Just get over yourself and move on. Like, are we not allowed to have an opinion anymore? If so, then I missed the memo and I think I will just continue on with what I have been doing. Liking what I want to despite the fact that people "hate" me for it and ignoring the ones who make fun of me. Let's face it, that's how life works.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the book is more addictive than it is good. I did read the first two in a day each and I plan on reading the other two, but I do not by any means think that these books are quality literature. I guess I, like many of the other hopeless romantics out there, could not let go of the love story and I found it more appealing because it was less sappy than, say, "Love Story." And yes, I did fall in love with Edward for some reason. However, the writing is almost pure crap. The dialogue is cliche and repetitive, she ends numerous sentences with prepositions (that really bothers me) and she needs to find a thesaurus because one can only describe Edward as "god-like," "beautiful," "Adonis" so many times. Luckily for her, I'm a sucker for a good fantasy and so, I have read it and enjoyed every second reading it.

Tinalyn said...

I read this book because everyone said it was so awsome. I also read this book because of all the hype it got at the bookstore. This novel was disapointing. I was expecting something as exciting as Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles...though it did not compare. The writing was not great but it was a little addictive while you were waiting for something good to happen. So right up til the end I was waiting for something to explode and it really never did. I will not be seeing the movie until it comes out on DVD because if books are better than the movies..then this movie is going to suck.

Anonymous said...

I am showing my age, but has anyone every heard of Dark Shadows?
You will soon. Johnny Depp will be playing Barnabas Collins, the original "tortured love sick vampire" in a re-make of the classic soap opera. I think Edward borders on the abusive boyfriend, control freak. Bella is no example for any young girl.

Anonymous said...

honestly who gives a crap. its just a book. its entertainment. you enjoy it, read it. you dont then dont waste your time bashing it and find something worth your time. not going to lie it was totally cheesy but hey, apparently thats what people want.

Anonymous said...

OKAY I went and saw the premiere of Twilight last night and I must say that I wanted to cry. I mean I do admire the try to make a movie of such a great book but I mean if your going to make a movie based on a book then you MUST PUT IN THE DETAILS! I mean everything was just wrong... All wrong. Anyways I love these books but the movie did not do them justice.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Stephanie for giving us a change in vampires. It's time for Anne Rice to move over. These are high school kids for goodness sake! How mature did you want? My teens are so there. Emotional, the world revolves around them, there is no tomorrow just forever. Sound familiar? And their love life is obsessive. Stephanie, don't stop!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Pam, Bella loses the little appeal she had to start with in the second book. she drove me crazy with her stupid edward-jacobness.And then she was going to name her kid Edward Jacob if it was a boy? give me a friggin break. as for the series? i think edward should have offed bella in the last sentance of the last book. Would have made a MUCH better ending.

AlexaJo95 said...

To all people that don't like Twilight, you must not have read the book thoroughly. Especially the people that say Bella is SELFISH! She is not selfish, she is selfless. Honestly, you people must have something against Stephanie Meyer, or the actors and actresses. I reallly don't understand. Come leave comments on my blog with answers to why you hate Twilight! I need this explained!

Anonymous said...

Whoever said the series is more addictive than good is dead on. I think she had a loose, enjoyable flow to her writing style. The projected emotions were spot on to a teenage girl's views on life and love. Bella started out as a likeable character. I, too, think she should have stopped at Twilight. The separation ruined the "spell" for me and the last book was just absurd. I also agree the series is too mature for many tweens. It may be series with the most hype since Harry Potter, but it definitely isn't to that quality. Still, I'll be going to the movie tonight.

Anonymous said...

I have read the books and the story is OKAY! Yes look at it from where it comes it is written for TEENAGERS. Most adults are like yeah right. To me you do not remember the drama of being a teenager. The only thing I do not like is that she took it upon herself to RE-WRITE VAMPIRES. In all paranormal stories i have read and written. They all take an exchange to become a vampire. That one bite is all it takes and they SPEW venom is ridiculous. I think if she stuck with the exchange of blood there would have been a more Dynamic storyline.

Anonymous said...

This book is full of cancer and aids.

Unless you are a teenage girl, you will not and should not like this book.

Sure, the writing's okay, but the book tramples on everything that was ever written about vampires. Vampires do NOT glitter. Ever.

Vampires are shadowy creatures. They are, literally, reanimated corpses that survive by feeding on the blood of others. Not some Mary Sue who doesn't even drink human blood.

Where the Hell is Van Helsing when you need him? He's been to busy killing off the cool vampires and forgot to take out the lame ones like Edward Cullen.

Rebekah said...

I liked the series. it ended up being really good, though the 2nd book was way to melodramatic and I was really bored. You can only say "there is no sun anymore, there is a hole in my heart...woe is me, Edward Edward Edward, Jacob Jacob Jacob, so many times before readers want to vomit. The third book redeemed the series and the last one brought it all together. Though the "love triangle" was a little sickening, and both boys put up with way too much crap from a fickle little girl who wanted everything. Their desire to be with her was a little much. I didn't find her that appealing as a character (she wasn't even described as super attractive), so I didn't understand her draw on them. I ended up really liking the series, but if I had stopped at the 2nd book I would have never recc. it to anyone. I just hope the movie holds a candle to the book. There is a lot of detail work to stand up to. RB.

Anonymous said...

Watch Twilight online here:


Natasha said...

i have just finished reading New Moon, and I pretty much skimmed through it because i was wanting to know more... I love this series because it makes me 'think' and it just has this WOW imaginitive plot... I was dying to read Eclipse.. and AM going to die because I have to wait 2 more days without it!! I don't know why you guys think Bella is like that.. she is what makes the story what it is... enchanting, and a read-instead-of-listening-in-class thing -lol- the descriptive writing is what really makes it wonderful

-I do hope the movie is better related to the book than the 5th hARRY pOTTER MOVIE IS RELATED TO ITS BOOK - -CAPS LOCK-


Anonymous said...

i first heard about twilight from a friend. she described what was the basic and i got hooked. i finihsed twilight in a day because i loved it so much. when i started reading new moon and edward just left. i wanted to hunt him down and kill him. i liked jake when i first read about him and how he helped bella but when he kissed her and she said DONT KISS ME that made me mad. really, come on, if he is really her ebst friend he would ahve respected her wishes. eclipse was awesome. i read some parts almost 30 times. after i finished i wanted breaking dawn so bad. and breaking dawn starets out good but the end sucked. okay because they build up for this big HUGE fight and when it comes along its like um we dont wanna fight buh bye. and jake imprinting on renessame was nasty. what is he like 16 and she is only 2 months. someone should call the cops on him.

Kate said...

Seriously, people like you DRIVE ME INSANE! If you have not read Twilight, Mew Moon, Eclipse, OR Breaking Dawn, read them! They are THE BEST BOOKS YOU WILL EVER READ!! I will admit, however, that there was a short period of time when I was slightly annoyed by Bella, but that was mostly because she decided to fall in love with Jake. But that annoyance only lasted a few hours. When I read Twilght, I was sure that it was the best book I would ever read, and then I read the rest of the Twilight saga, and proved myself wrong.

Krista Danielle said...

Okay so I loved Twilight. But, I read it when it first came out. Before it became "the coolest book evaaa !" But the moment I started seeing, "Team Edward," "Team Jacob,"Mrs (Cullen/Black,)" Ect. shirts and purses and stuff... it totally lost its appeal to me. They were ruined by obsessive freaks who think they'll actually marry a VAMPIRE from a BOOK. To all of you girls who are "going to be the one to actually marry Edward Cullen," Please invite me to your weddings. I've always wondered who would be stupid enough to marry a cardboard cutout, or at least a series of books. Grow up, there's no Edward Cullen that you're ever going to marry.
Now, as for the movie. I know I'm being a major critic here, but it bothered me so much. Nothing looked right... except for Emmett. ;) Especially Alice and Rosalie... They were totally wrong! But... Bella. She was the absolute worst actress they could possibly use.
Emily Browning would be AMAZINGLY PERFECT!!!!! for the part of Bella. Emily is a gorgeous, and amazingly talented actress. She's a perfect girl.
Kristen Stewart could not even pull it off the slightest bit. She twitched while talking, and she's a monotone. (plus, she's not that pretty. Not calling myself gorgeous, but Bella was supposed to be at the LEAST pretty. Which Kristen wasn't even close to.) Just in general a HORRIBLE actress. She ruined the movie. Totally trashed it.
I admire Stephenie Meyer's creativeness. But, if I was her I'd be a little creeped out by how many people are obsessed with her and her characters.
Thanks for bothering to take the time to read an extremly critical reveiw. ;)

(I am a Fourteen year old girl, by the way. Not all little girls are obsessed. :D)
- Krista.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god. Stephanie Meyer should not have been allowed to publish these books. I mean really. She seriously should have just stopped at Twilight. There is no substance to Bella and Edward's relationship. Edward fell in "love" with her because of her SMELL, and Bella...well I don't even know why Bella loved him. Throught the books, she just talks about that extreme want to be with him, but not why. It's not like they could carry on a conversation that means something. And Edward is bland and dull. The fact that he's extremely gorgeous does not make him a good character. And Bella is not a selfless character. She's a whiny baby who's got it made. She has two parents that love her more than anything and a town full of people that adore her for no reason. This entire book made me sick. Stephanie Meyer ruined the idea of vampires, werewolves and love. ick.

Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot of people call Bella a slut but I think that may be because they have an unhealthy obsession with Edward.
I thought Kristen Stewart was an awesome Bella. When I first read about Bella in the books she was depicted as this annoying pixie that Edward toted around obsessively. So Kristen did not fit literary Bella- she was better.
I liked the book but I thought the movie was better.
I have two improvements though: 1)please don't make sequels (the book sequels trashed Twilight and they would translate very badly into movies)- too late they're making sequels or else they would have cut Jacob Black (which they should've he's not important to the story)
2)They should've had sex. You can't deny that sexual appeal is the premise of Twilight. Edward is sexy and that is why people like the books. The movie was already PG13 they really could have done the deed.

Anonymous said...

i love the book very much and i am not a teenager. bella's character was spot on both selfish and slefless like what teenagers can be like nowadays. the whole series was written very well and yes quite matter what age you are i think we can all relate to what the characters are feeling unless your in denial.
i didn't like the actress, kristen stewart, for the role of bella and quite agree with another fan that they could have gotten a better actress.

Anonymous said...

Totally amazing actually really liked it a lot! i LOVED it! haha! it was good! but the book was really amazing, and of course the movie didn't live up to the book 100% but like no movie really can,(which i saw the preview for that and i must say i'm very excited Hermione's hair is bushy again!) anyways, it was fast! but Jasper "the one who looks like he's always in pain" lol! loved that part and Charlie was amazing!

I downloaded it from last night here Just searched 'TWILIGHT FULL FREE MOVIE' and got download links in
"Shared files" category.

Anonymous said...

For the younger female fans out there, you may have a different opinion of the series once you are older and in particular, once you become a mother. There are some serious underlying themes that are not at all healthy for young girls.

1. Edward is a MAN, not a 17 year-old boy. He's 150 years old and is constantly being described in an adult way. Have you ever met a 17 yr old boy? They are awkward, immature, and barely no how to interact with girls. Edward is a completely unrealistic portrayal of a 17 yr old boy. Edward is not a good example of a teen boyfriend for young girls.

2. Bella has a strained and awkward relationship with her father. In steps Edward to fill that role. His relationship with Bella is more father-daughter than boyfriend-girlfriend. He's controlling and becomes quite angry when she doesn't do what he wants. I wouldn't want my daughter to think that the perfect relationship is where you have to continually submit to the male.

3. In order for Bella to be with her "true love" she must give up everything that is meaningful and worthwhile in her life. What? This is definitely sending the wrong message to young women.

4. As others have mentioned, Jacob imprinting on Bella's child is downright creepy. So if Jacob can't have Bella, he then goes after her baby daughter? Completely inappropriate.

While I found Twilight to be somewhat entertaining on a strictly literary level (although there are some problems there, too) I just can't get past the unhealthy messages being subtly written into the storyline. I think Stephanie Meyer should have been more responsible in the way she portrayed her characters for the sake of her young female fan base - which is the audience she specifically wrote for.

Disappointed said...

When I first heard of the Twilight Series and what it was about, I was really looking forward to read it because even though I really love vampires, I'm having hard times finding good books about them.

I was disappointed.

The writing's not bad. The way that Stephanie Meyer told the story isn't bad either. It was the plot and the stereotyping of the character that threw me off.

Because Twilight is a vampire love story, I have expected it to be much more darker than a villian supposedly kidnapping the heroine's mom and hold her hostage. Nothing exiting happened in the book; the plot is somewhat bumpy, like a flat road with a few pebbles. But majority, nothing that threw my off my feet. If you will just replace the vampires with characters who hate the sun, are pale, and are fond of baseball; James with a pervert who thought Bella was pretty, then you pretty much get the same thing.

I'm sorry to say this to all Twilight fans but the plot is cliche and predicable, the characters are too perfect to be real, the plot isn't exiting enough, and with the whole "I love Edward, he's so perfect thing." I nearly gagged.

I manage to finish the first book in the end because it's for independent reading that was required for school. It took me over two weeks to read it. If some other book was it same length as Twilight, it'll only take me a day.

I heard the latter books are better, so I'm willing to check them out. But if the second book is as boring as the first...

cc said...

Wow I can see both sides of these reviews.
Its true the "Twilight" series has elements of other famous stories in them, but who cares? Doesn't everyone know there is nothing new under the sun? Nobody has written a story exactly like this or it wouldn't be selling as well as it is.

I for one really loved these books. They kept me entranced and I went back to the bookstore 3X in one week to buy all the books, I was reading them that fast. I LOVE Edward & Bella, Edward a bit more though (cannot wait for Midnight Sun), and I think Alice also turns out to be a real gem of a character. I frankly hated the whole Jacob trying to make Bella pick him storyline... Simmer down now! I never thought he was portrayed as a real contender. Bella and Edward were no match for any one else from the start, we all knew it could never be a happy ending with Jacob for heavens sake. We learned what that was like in New Moon!
I thought a little more descriptive hanky panky would've been nice since they were so hot and bothered by each other.

I also found it odd, especially for teens in a small town that there weren't more parties,drinking, swearing, and trips to Seattle, etc.. But maybe those would've just interfered with the storyline. Also I did read that the author's own experience in her teens was that they were all really good kids.

As for the complaints about
a) imprinting on a baby-- Its a story. Its not like the werewolves are having sex with babies! Get over it.
b) The critical feminist reviews saying this takes women back portraying a female like this. Again thats not what THIS STORY is about. Its a romance its about finding true and undying love, not being able to live without each other. Sure we're all taught we SHOULD be OK w/o a partner and if we're not OK than there is something wrong with us. I think it all depends on what each person wants, and we all want love in some form or another. It doesn't mean we can't all swoon and enjoy and appreciate a beautiful love story!

Overall I really enjoyed these books (OK I became obsessed), they made me believe in mythical creatures and transported me to another place and time--something only good books will do.

Anonymous said...

So many opinions, so little time. Whew! The Twilight Saga was a very fun read and something completely different and fresh. I loved the story, the deep character development and the twist on "vampire life." I agree that New Moon was a little slow and forced. Eclipse was the best in the series for sheer action and suspense. Breaking Dawn's pregnancy/baby plot was "too much" although the build-up to the big "battle" was fun. Too bad the climax just fizzled out and everyone danced into the sunset. I agree with a previous post that Edward was WAY too paternal/protective/obsessive/controlling with Bella, but I'm willing to look past that. The Mormon religion doesn't normally put a lot of stock in strong, independent women. Stephenie Meyer only has sons, so what could she know of the dangerous stage her Edward potentially sets for young, impressionable, female readers? Still, I really loved the saga and will let my daughters read it when they're older.

But let's talk about the film. What a sad, snoozer of movie. The dialogue was so different from the witty banter between Bella and Edward. Meyer's dialogue was so much more fun. Why change it? Rob Pattinson's acting was very good, despite the bad lines. Kristin Stewart physically looked the way I imagined Bella, but she sure didn't sound like Bella. Stewart never opened her mouth wide enough for us to understand what the hell she was whining about. She also stuttered most of her dialogue out, like she was spitting mad or very confused. She's young. She needs acting school. The Cullens were all great, but the best characters (Alice and Jasper) didn't get enough screen time for us to get to know them. I could go on, but I won't. I'll just say that a good test for how good a film adaptation of a book is: "Does someone who DIDN'T read the book still get a good sense of the characters and the story?" In this case, no. I tried to get my husband to see it, but I'm glad now that I failed. He might think I'm crazy for liking such a story. I think I'll try to get him to read the book instead.

Keep your fingers crossed that Summit Entertainment gets a new script-writer and new director for New Moon. If not, I'll need Jasper in the theatre with me to calm me down!

Twilight's#1Fan227 said...

I haven't read the book's but I have already seen the movie 5 times and I think that they are sooooo awesome. Ever since I saw it I can't stop talking about it. My aunt, however, is reading the books and I think she just got done reading the last one. She told me that they were so good that she just couldn't put the book down.

Anonymous said...

The book wouldn't be so bad...if it had actually been % created out of , Stephanie Meyer's imagination. I find it ridiculous that she stole the entire series' backdrop from real life.
As for the rest - it's basically a soap opera for young girls who get obsessed by first love. TV shows do it all the time: 90210, Dawson's Creek, OC, Gossip Girl.... If you have brain cells, don't read this series.

Anonymous said...

Wow the books are bad but the movie is worse. I guess it takes a lot of brain dead teens with raging hormones to enjoy a story about a girl with no identity outside her obsession for a vampire.

CookieDough said...

Stephenie Meyer is a great author who has a talent to take you into a different time and place. Her story is written beautifully with a "star crossed lovers" theme. She is capable of making a reader feel what the character feels at that moment. But unfortunately, not all those places or ideas are appealing.

This is a strike more to her Twilight series than the author herself. I agree with most of the comments about Edward being obsessive and controlling. I agree with Bella being obnoxious and extremely dependent on him. A few people have said that this is just a story, and people shouldn't really take this seriously like the idiotic hard-core fans that make fangirl groups and teams.I think that this series should be burned.Knowing teenagers and their abnormal ideas, this would somehow turn into their bible and make them have crazy hallucinations as to what love or life is really about. The captivating part is her writing style, not the story. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why people are complaining and ruthlessly criticizing the book, yet they still took the time to read all four. If you didn't like the first one, why would you read the next three? Just so you could find a website like this to let your voice be heard about how horrible you think the series was? Seriously pathetic. And the worst of it is, a lot of the negativity being put forth isn't even true. Uhm, Bella was definitely not bent on becoming a wife. She didn't even want to get married, duh. And HELLO, people are not perfect! We all have flaws, and the characters in the book only emphasize that. So, you didn't like Bella? Alright. Not everyone is likable. I think all four books are absolutely incredible. The story of Edward and Bella gives hope; it reminds us to believe in love. Stop dishing out your mindless opinions. Go read another book.

Anonymous said...

Just because you aren't a creative reader or you don't like Stephenie's form of writing doesn't mean you should openly insult her! I mean, give her some credit. She has used the elements of writing well. Sheesh, if you don't like romance, then stick to the classical mystery or something. Why bother to continue reading the series only to despise, criticize and ruin them for someone else!

Anonymous said...

I am 3/4 of the way through twilight. This is not the worst book I've ever read in my life..that honor goes to some piece of crap I found at a hotel resort 10 years ago, but it's not a good book. Bella and Edward are not in love they are in lust. What a terrible message to send young readers, the idea that an eternal relationship can be built from sweet scents and hot bodies. I will finish the book because I've never read anything without finishing it, but I will not be reading the other 3.

Anonymous said...

WHAT THE FUCK? LUST?! Is that a joke? Get your shit straight; they are scarcely even physical. Lust involves that.

Anonymous said... of the best books ever. Along with the other three. End of story! :)

Anonymous said...

being a real vampire your perspective of us is trash we don't kill our victims we take maybe the amount of a shot glass n we don't crave human blood its just something we need to stay alive and we don't not age we just age slower than others we do have powers but not to track humans n super speed n strength we can heal ppl by feeding on their negative energy and the immortal part is somewhat true we can become immortal if we want but alot don't like being its sad seeing your real family pass by you and then having no one left theres a whole prosses you hav to go threw im not a born vampire i was infected viraly which means by another do research theres alot of us out there its nothing to be scared of! we dont hurt u ................ and some ppl are born vampire and dont know it usually youl know when you hit 12 or 13 you will get a taist for exotic meats and blood you will come into your powers gradually one of my friends was born vampire and she found that out when she was 13 she gained stength of all her abilities/powers at age 15 so you can tell if you can sense the difference in human and vampire blood your transformation is almost complete me personaly hav powers and another thing we arnt repelled by garlic or religious things we show up in mirrors and dont have big teeth if u hav any questions just search us on the web or go to one of our chat rooms

amanda lee said...

I have to admit that i was skeptic to read this series.. I couldnt grasp the concept of vampires... But i finally gave in and bought the first book.. i decided I would try it.. see what the hype was all about.. I fell in love by chapter 2... i read the whole frist book that night.. the next day i went out and bought the 2 and the 3. i read both of those books within 3 days.. I did nothing but work and come home to work. I neglected my life, housework. etc.. It was mesmorizing watching the battle through bella of her undying affection for edward. I couldnt wait and i searched different stores until i found the 4th book... i read it as well and i got alittle upset at the end.. First i think that the books were very well written.. Stephanie Myers put you in the book.. She made the reader part of the whole experiance..But i didnt like the way the 4th book ended.. Through the books the writer puts you closer and closer with the charachters and she builds anticipation up. the scenes get deeper and deeper.. the love gets stronger and stronger.. but towardas the 4th book when they get married and go on honey moon, you do expect to see where their love progresses and goes farther, but she never does.. i loved the book just at the end with the fight, i really expected someone to die.. i would have cried and hated it, but the way the battle was built up to be this huge fight and all, it never happened and it was kinda dissapointing.. but that is my opinion.. over all. the books were great and i am not startingto re-read them.. reading them the first timme and knwing things, rereading it so far has been great i have a better understanding of things now and i am enjoying it more than the frist time through.. i highly suggest re reading the books..

Mr. Big said...

All of the books are garbage aimed at squealing teenage girls. I've read comic books with more compelling storytelling.

Anonymous said...

I was fighting the Twilight phenom for sooo long then I saw the movie which prompted me to buy all the books right away and I read them all in 6 days!!! This saga is extremely addictive and I have cried with Bella and laughed and felt everything as she would feel it. This is not my normal genre of entertainment but I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for more books.

Anonymous said...

I think the twilight series was amazingly well written, with the unappealing exception of New Moon and the movie.
But that is just my opinion.I know some people love the movie,and I respect that opinion. I think the movie could have been better, but it wasn't. END OF STORY. The book, New Moon was okay at the beginning, but bringing Jacob Black as a main character wasn't a good move. It only causes Bella to fall in love with him too, finally realizing it in the 3rd book, and it causes trouble for most of the characters. I think Stephenie Meyer is a great writer, and has very good use of transition words, and literature. I have read all of the twilight books, and I love them. " Although I'm not in favor of the gruesome childbirth in the fourth book." But the story is very suspense full, and entertaining. I am thirteen, and I hope Stephenie keeps writing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and teens need to realize, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO MARRY EDWARD CULLEN. He is a fictional character. The end. He isn't real, but keep on dreaming.
- still anonymous

Christine said...

I loved the series...but if I could change anything about them I would make Edward a stronger character in the last 3 books. As a star crossed lover willing to risk everything for his true love in the first book, he takes more of a back seat to Jacob in the final 3. I loved Edwards character so I would have liked to see him more assertive in books 2-4 just to appease my romantic side. However, through-out the last 3 books I questioned Bella's devotion to Edward since she couldn't seem to make up her mind which guy she wanted (alot of people didn't appreciate that spin, myself included at the time)...but lets face it readers...that's what kept you reading...I read all 4 books in a week and plan to read them again. I also think the movie was amazing, and the casting was perfect. It's one of my favorite movies. For those that each their own.

Anonymous said...

I loved the first book it had me glued. but the series just seemed to get weirder and weirder. While reading all the books they seemed wonderful, i really thought they were amazing. but after reading them a second time, they weren’t that great. Edward seemed to get less and less believable... i know he's a vampire, he's not real. but the author is trying to make the story seem real, and i just don’t think anyone can be so passive. he seemed a bit real in the first two book's, but he started to lose his believability as the books went on.
i also was waiting for this big fight to the finish, a battle at the end of the story. all the build up was their but no climax. i was waiting for some Epic ending and i got none. on the other hand i liked that things were all cleared up at the end.
Despite Edward being un-believable and Bella being sooo annoying, i loved Jacob. i know a lot of people didnt like him, but he was more realistic and i really enjoyed his chapters, despite the fact they were kind of depressing. his chapters were my favourite part, that dosent mean they were amazing considering what their was to compare to. How ever i didnt like how jacob ended up imprinting on bella and edwards child. his like sucks enough he should have just started fresh with someone he didnt know and wasnt the child of the girl he love... wth.
also, being olny about 2 years younger that bella, i can't see being willing to give of my mortality for a guy i've olny know like a year or 2...
Twilight was good and the others, ok, i just don't think they were really worth all the hype. i have to say I’m more an HP fan. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

I was IN LOVE with Twilight a year ago, and had read it when it first came out. I loved Edward who was mysterious and passionate, gorgeous and, I thought at first, jaded.

New Moon made me so angry that I decided to stop reading the series. But I suppose any book that insights such strong emotions has to have some merit to its name...


Twilight is a contrived universe with contrived characters and contrived attempts at a semblance of a plot designed to put Bella in situations where Edward has to rescue her.

The theme of the books was sacrifice: What had Bella truly sacrificed by Breaking Dawn? Her dad conveniently sheds a blind eye to the fact that Bella is no longer HUMAN...Renee is hardly spoken of. In eclipse she was supposed to have sacrificed Jacob...
...he's not sad that he has been pushed to the curb because wa-it!

What's that?

Oh yeah, in a universe where it was previously IMPOSSIBLE for a vampire to have a child...Bella defies all odds and gives birth to the Loch Ness Monster!

Whom Jacob can now imprint on.


The whole love-triangle completely put me off too.

If they were 'In love' (which is questionable), she would not fall for somebody else. Period. There is no ' but she loved them both/ she loves Edward more' etc. It just doesn't happen.

And as for their 'love', he noticed her because she smelt good and wanted to eat her. She noticed him because he looked like Adonis.

Where is the deep connection in that? Their love is based on superficial characteristics; in all the books I have never read that he loved her because of her mind/intellect/strength of character.

And the reason this saga is being 'bashed' so much is because of its popularlity. Any book under the limelight is going to be criticized, and the reason that these books are is because people cannot understand their appeal.

But, there is a complete freedom of opinion, and I respect that these book gives people something it doesn't give me.

Anonymous said...

If you seriously think these books are the best ever written, you must not have read many books. Bella is a boring character always relying on edward and can't do anything without this 'strong' male character, which is degrading to women. The books are terribly cliche, badly written and lets face it sad.

Anonymous said...

The only part of the books that were decent was the idea of a forbidden love between a vampire and a human. The characters had poor context. Bella Swan in Edward's eyes was potrayed as a smart, intriguing, and selfless girl just to cover up she can't carry a full conversation to save her life and she has no interests. I mean really, the least she could do was make Bella get involved in some activities to make her seem a little independent and interesting. And I get tired of Edward constantly saying "To protect you," or "it's for your protection." I dunno about you, but I'd hate to have friends like Bella and Edward in real life. Conversations that last for two minutes max isn't really my cup of tea.